Since 1999, Atelier Roma has been working with architects and decorators
to create sophisticated and elegant textures.


Atelier Roma's team is composed of hard-working guys.
I hire those whom i can trust and rely on. We work in hotels, restaurants,
shops and private appartments but I also have a workshop for specific
orders such as paintings, varnishes, platings and patinas on wooden
elements or any kind of material.

David ROMA

I’ve enjoyed drawing and painting since a was a child. Quite logically, I studied decorative painting when I arrived in Paris, at the age of 20.

My professionnal experience started on theatre and film sets. I then launched my own business in 1999. Luckily, i was soon contacted by interior achitects who needed my contribution in houses and appartments is Paris, London, Instabul or Lausanne.

Today, my work is in constant evolution, according to my experimentations and the specific demands of the decorators I collaborate with.


Golden, silver, copper, aluminium leaves.


The right colours and textures for a certain style.


A soul given to simple object.

The core of my savoir-faire? To absorb a decorator’s creative world and suggest unexpected solutions. I am constantly driven out of my comfort zone and that is whatI like about this job !


The creation of a unique atmosphere.


The beauty of a texture revealed.